THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS (Annotated) (White Cat Classics)

This 1872 sequel to Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland finds the inquisitive heroine in a fantastic land where everything is reversed. Looking-glass land, a topsy-turvy world lurking just behind the mirror over Alice’s mantel, is a fantastic realm of live chessmen, madcap kings and queens, strange mythological creatures, talking flowers and puddings, and rude insects.
Brooks and hedges divide the lush greenery of looking-glass land into a chessboard, where Alice becomes a pawn in a bizarre game of chess involving Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Lion and the Unicorn, the White Knight, and other nursery-rhyme…


Do Bhai (दो भाई) (Hindi)

विश्व विख्यात कथाकार प्रेमचंद के कथा साहित्य के संदर्भ में प्रस्तुत हैµकरीबी रिश्तों के कथित प्रेम की आड़ में पनपने वाले ईर्ष्याद्वेष को उजागर करती चुनिंदा कहानियों का संग्रह-‘दो भाई’। बचपन में एक को रोते देख दूसरा भाई भी रोने लगता था, लेकिन बड़े होने पर वही भाई एकदूसरे की मृत्यु पर भी नहीं रोते क्योंकि अब उन्हें अपने पराए की पहचान हो जाती है- विवाह के बाद तो किशन, अपने सगे भाई को कर्ज दिलाने के नाम पर प्रपंच रच कर उस के हिस्से का घर भी हड़प लेना चाहता है- क्या पत्नी की सीख भाई के प्रेम पर हावी हो जाती है?
‘दो भाई’ तथा अन्य ऐसी कहानियां जो मानवीय चरित्र के विभिन्न पक्षों को प्रस्तुत करती है।


The Lost Dancer: Dancing Dolls Series Book 2

Dance or don’t. Madame Butenko only has room for the best in her academy.

Kayleigh just wants to shut her eyes and dance. But every time she is in front of an audience her whole body starts to shake.
To make matters worse, her Dad is on the Board of Directors for the Lawrence Academy. As far as he is concerned, the stage fright is just a temporary glitch. To prove it has got Ryan Lessings to tutor her. Ryan is smoking hot and comes with a reputation for causing trouble.

Can Kayleigh prove she’s more than just a daddy’s girl?


Detroit Life After 15 Years” Part 14 of 32: Continuing Where We Left Off! from part 13 (“Detroit Life After 15 Years” Part 14 of 32)

“Detroit Life After 15 Years” Is like a good ass movie that never ends! Big Tee is home after serving 15 years in prison. He’s home and happy to be; but ends up committing multiple Homicides; in order to protect his new found love. With his D.N.A. left at the scene of the crime and Homicide police hot on his trail, he decides to skip town and head for Arkansas to be with his Grandmother. Shortly after he arrived; he decided that ending his own life, would be better than spending the rest of it where he was just released from. He Hangs Himself and leaves the love of his life pregnant with his child; which turned out to be a boy. She was left …


Ghost Detective: Book V: Death in the SHadows

Veteran police officers Sally Edwards and her partner Layton Roland were crossing town at high speed responding to a report of a shooting when their cruiser was rammed from the side by an armed robber fleeing the scene of a crime. Roland was concussed but Edwards suffered a partially severed spinal cord in her neck.
After a seemingly miraculous recovery from a coma and certain death she’s pulled off life support only to suffer a stroke leaving her a quadriplegic. Yet somewhere between death’s door and the debilitating stroke her spirit is freed from the attachment to her body. Her spirit now moves freely between officer Edwards waking hours,…


Romance: Teen Romance: Follow Your Dreams (A Nerd and a Bad Boy Romance) (New Adult High School Sports Romance)


Joanna Fletcher is halfway through her senior year in high school and is preparing for a career as a brain doctor. She has been preparing for her dream job all four years of high school. She studies hard every night, gets extra credit, volunteers at the hospital and dreams of the perfect job after college. But she never expected to grab the attention of the football star of her school, Mark Macanerny. And when he turns his attention to her, she realizes that school and brain studies aren’t the only important things in life. There’s love and relationships to consider. Will she throw away her plans to stay with Mark in their small …


Growing Pains: Brentford FC’s 2015/16 Season

The 2014/15 season saw newly-promoted Brentford FC reach the Championship playoffs and come within a whisker of the Premier League. However, it was also a season that ended in controversy with highly successful Manager Mark Warburton leaving the club and the club’s management structure being remodelled to mix traditional scouting tools with mathematical models and statistics.

Brentford were subjected to a stream of scorn and criticism from a football world which did not understand what was happening at the club. Everyone outside the club waited for Brentford to fall flat on their face.

What would happen over the 2015/16 season? Would th…


Time for Heroes: A Celebration of Hibs’ Glorious 2016 Scottish Cup Victory

The 114-year wait for the Scottish Cup to return to Leith is finally over. Year after year, Hibs fans have had to endure the taunts of rival supporters as their team continually failed to capture what had become its Holy Grail. Then, in the 92nd minute of a pulsating Scottish Cup final at Hampden on 21st May 2016, David Gray bulleted home the header that changed everything. The following day around 150,000 Hibees flocked onto the streets of Edinburgh to salute the players and manager who had made history.Now, in TIME FOR HEROES, Ted Brack relives the events of a tumultuous campaign, from the agony of a League Cup final defeat and the race for…


Bogie: Golf as it was

Fascinating New Golf Novel!

It’s time you know the truth—

The French not the Scots originated golf.

Can you believe this author, Charles Hellman, has the nerve to write that golf was started somewhere other than Scotland? Through his research, he discovered that the French, not the Scots, originated golf—and the French exported the game of golf to the Scots. The pursuing years, the Scottish developed the game, as we know it today.
According to Hellman, the game of golf has been played for hundreds of years; unfortunately, little history was written, if any, before 1750.
Step back into the mid-18th Century and take a whimsical romp throug…


My Self-Defense Solution: A Blended Approach to Self-Defense

The martial arts has always been a solution to a question or problem. Judo was created when Dr. Jigoro Kano put his mind to solving the problem of how to train at 100 percent effort without getting someone injured by the crippling techniques of Japanese Ju-Jitsu. Helio Gracie created the basis for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by trying to solve the problem of how a weak guy could survive and overcome a much stronger attacker. Karate and Okinawan weapons developed as a means of protection against the samurai.
The problem that I have been trying to solve for the last three years is how you adapt a traditional martial art to the self-defense needs of …