Crime Collection : The Great Crime: Police Procedurals( Psychological SPECIAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED) (thriller, suspense, jealousy, mystery, police, murder, dark, conspiracy 1)

“COLLECTION I: Joseph Nketia was better than your average assassin. His creativity and effectiveness had earned him an invitation to play with the big boys—the ones who pull the puppet strings of world leaders.COLLECTION II: Mario Fuerza had lived a charmed life, born into a rich Dominican family, attending university in New York City. Then his life change to impossibly better. All he had to do was to help David Rockwell commit the crime of the century.COLLECTION III: Killing was easy, the hard part was getting away with it. Unless you’re a 25 year old killer of killers. Eloise killed the girl- her original assignment. But then she got drafte…

Author: Jeff S
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