Crime Collection : The Silence Comspiracies: Police Procedurals( Psychological SPECIAL FREE BOOK INCLUDED) (thriller, suspense, jealousy, mystery, police, murder, dark, conspiracy 1)

“OLLECTION I : The van Eyck family had built an empire and now lusted for the ultimate prize—to rule the entire planet. How they meant to achieve that goal bent the definition of murderer, shifting it toward conqueror. For young John van Eyck, living up to the family legacy meant losing his own soul.COLLECTION II: Joseph Nketia was better than your average assassin. His creativity and effectiveness had earned him an invitation to play with the big boys—the ones who pull the puppet strings of world leaders.COLLECTION III: Mario Fuerza had lived a charmed life, born into a rich Dominican family, attending university in New York City. Then his l…

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