Detroit Life After 15 Years” Part 14 of 32: Continuing Where We Left Off! from part 13 (“Detroit Life After 15 Years” Part 14 of 32)

“Detroit Life After 15 Years” Is like a good ass movie that never ends! Big Tee is home after serving 15 years in prison. He’s home and happy to be; but ends up committing multiple Homicides; in order to protect his new found love. With his D.N.A. left at the scene of the crime and Homicide police hot on his trail, he decides to skip town and head for Arkansas to be with his Grandmother. Shortly after he arrived; he decided that ending his own life, would be better than spending the rest of it where he was just released from. He Hangs Himself and leaves the love of his life pregnant with his child; which turned out to be a boy. She was left …

Author: Robert Crooms
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