The Tunisian Tuck Up

Based on true events, The Tunisian Tuck-Up is a story of perseverance and keeping faith that everything will work out. Mainbrace is an experienced yachtsman and ex-military. His home is the ocean. He is on one of these usual trips, when a gale force wind starts to pick up speed and Mainbrace has to decide what to do. As he approaches the island he was planning on stopping at, he is greeted with turmoil, high waves crashing up against his boat! Suddenly, he is knocked off his feet by a massive wave and is injured. There is no choice, he has to change his route and go to Mahidia in Tunisia. Little did he know, his troubles were only just beginn…


Happiness: Guide To Overcoming Hopelessness And Depression: ( Lonely, Positive, Success, Mindset, Happy, Love)

Figure out how to appoint at whatever point conceivable, whether at work or home. Much of the time, you don’t need to do everything yourself. Enrolling the backing of family, companions and colleagues can construct more grounded connections and abatement your feeling of separation. When you know you are not the only one; you will feel better about living.The contents contained in this book will ease:- Tension- Sadness- Misery- Depression- Instability- Trepidation without bounds- Second thoughts from the pastThere are such a variety of things that influence your satisfaction:- Issues of dismissal- Deserting issues- Individuals’ dispositions- O…


If you want to change your footprint … Change your shoes!

Are you consumed with thoughts of fear, doubt and ­indecision? Do you experience a lack of peace and live with constant anxiety?

Our thoughts are like seeds. As a plant grows from the seed that is sown into the ground, so our ­circumstances are the result of the thoughts that are cultivated in our minds. It is possible to change our lives by changing our thoughts.

If you want to change your footprint … Change your shoes! is an adapted version of the original classic As A Man ­Thinketh by James Allen. It contains powerful truths that will change your life.


NLP Coaching: Learn How to Use NLP in Your Coaching and Become a Great Leader (nlp coaching, nlp books, nlp techniques)

This practical guide to NLP coaching is suitable for you whether you are an experienced coach, or one who is just starting out. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is expressed as a psychology of excellence. NLP is based on the skills used by the best communicators, to obtain positive results.

These skills are quite valuable if you wish to become a great leader through NLP coaching.

In this book, I cover, among other things:The principles of NLP coachingNLP beliefsHow NLP coaching worksTraining for certification at all levels

NPL offers you most of the skills you need to become an excellent coach and a great leader. It gives you a chance to i…


Superhuman: Book One

In Superhuman: Book One, a young hero is introduced to the plate. Eighteen year old Johnny Element, who lives in Elementtropolis; the largest state in the Element Region. His dad, Joey Element, accompanies him throughout his journey. What looked to be a normal day in training turned into something unexpected and catastrophic. A Time Wound, which is a small cut in the Alternate Portal– the portal that divides the past, present, and future; sucked them in. It took them 984 years into the future, to the year 3000. A lot has changed, with the majority of the human race extinct due to excessive destruction. In order to get back to the present, th…


J’adyn – The Light Of The Way (‘World-A-Way’ Book 3)

This is the third book in the ‘World-A-Way’ series.
At Artur’s death it falls to the New Laird of Midway to continue his father’s legacy but his first command plunges Midway – and The WayLands as a whole – into a time of crisis.
‘The Bond’ forged by Artur and Theroux, SouthLand’s Sage, is broken and evil arises from one of Midway’s own – who is more than he seems.
All must fight for their very existence but will come to be aided by one ‘Chosen Of The Way’.


King of the World

When the Turtle first appeared before an awestruck world, it seemed nothing would ever be the same again. But twelve years on, and with the Turtle’s secret still just that, one believer starts to question his faith.


The Sangar Incident

Edward Grecov, a Biotech Engineer, was forced to work on genetic experiments in a secret Russian lab. When he discovered that the military were planning to use his work to experiment on humans, he knew he had to escape. When the opportunity came he broke out of the lab and began searching for any records of his research. In only a few days he awoke to find himself bound to his bed with one of his captors standing over him. Edward could only watch in horror as he was injected with the serum. When he woke up, hours later, he could feel his body beginning to change.He knew he had little time before the serum took control and desperately wanted t…