The Cygnus Virus

Andron’s life goes into full wtf mode when he accidentally downloads a space virus, after enrolling his old computer in a SETI-like program.

A virus that crashes the entire Internet. A virus that has a name. It’s Cygnus, a foul-mouthed digital pest, who was expelled from a dystopian planet Earth.

And it only gets worse.

Cygnus strong-arms Andron into doing his dirty work. But, goes too far when someone winds up dead. That’s when Andron discovers Cygnus’ shocking plan.

A plan to hijack a human cloning trial using blood from a burial cloth, so that he can come back as Terra’s Jesus.

Andron comes to the only conclusion he can. That he …


ROMANCE: The Bad Boy Billionaires (Taboo Alpha Male Pregnancy Romance Bundle) (Contemporary Sports Short Stories)

Enjoy 16,000+ words of Taboo Billionaire Romance, and get two books for the price of one!


Knocked Up by a Billionaire Bad Boy Street Racer

Despite his billionaire status, Greyson prefers to spend Friday nights street-racing his vintage Dodge Charger over a black tie gala. His chiseled jaw and steely eyes draw any woman he wants, so what is it about the one that said no? And when she does say yes, Greyson had no way of predicting how his life will change.

Seduced by a Forbidden Billionaire

Taylor has become more and more disillusioned with the clients that she…


Midnight in Lace

Georgina and Max were going on a cruise of a lifetime. They were both
looking forward to it for different reasons. Georgina was hoping to fall in love with Max as he said he was, with her from the moment they first met.
They were to visit Lake Garda, Italy, Georgina’s favourite place to go.
The people they were to meet there, would change their lives forever. With secrets and lies, and dangerous liasions, that would lead to a high speed police chase to catch an escaped prisoner that was a danger to them all. The people they meet are all embroiled with each other, after all the excitement, they were hoping to settle down, when the news about …


Hopelessly, Completely, MADLY in Love (Lovin’ Lawmen Series Book 1)

Historical Romance set in my paternal grandfather’s home state of Kentucky starting in 1876.

Lexine (Lexi) Donovan has had a crush on Cooper Grayson since she was thirteen years old. He left town the year before and headed to California, hoping to fulfill his dreams of traveling and finding more excitement than his small town had to offer. He quickly discovers all he can think about is his beloved Lex. When he returns, she has recently accepted a ring from her best friend, Silas Reilly.

Silas has been in love with Lexi since he first met her when he was only fourteen years old. He still can’t find the nerve to talk to her father. The man s…


Mind Lies

Full length 80,000 word standalone contemporary romance novelWhen Jerri wakes up from a twenty-two day coma post car accident- her memory is gone.Well, most of it.She doesn’t remember the friends she wakes up to, her home or the business she owns. The only thing sheremembers is him.Locklin.Her pretty and reckless.The passion between the two in her dreams is far too powerful to be a cruel joke of her amnesia filled mind. Portia – Jerri’s best friend of ten years- has no idea who the man is; leaving the doctors to think thirty two year old Jerri’s lost her fucking marbles a few decades too early.But Jerri doesn’t give up.”Sing to me, Jerri girl…


‘A’ For Effort: Alpha BDSM Erotic Romance



College can be difficult but when you’ve got your parents breathing down your neck and everyone else watching you, just waiting for you to trip up and make a mistake all you want to do is prove them wrong.
That’s exactly how Cody feels. Yet her college tutor isn’t like everyone else’s. He isn’t a grouchy old man ready to send you off into the world without any experience. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and Mr Blake has taught her well.
Easy A’s are possible when you know how to get around your tutor.


Martian Law: Book 1

In the year 3257 a Scottish born man named Liam McDowell resides in Oxford, England.

Liam is an alien infectious disease specialist, who has lost everyone in his life. One day Liam gets an offer from the yellow Martians known as the Scaves. Deciding to leave Earth behind, he travels through space, and time. He gets caught in the middle of a Century’s old war between the two Martian races.

Which side is the right side? How does he deal with the fallout? Who is the beautiful red Martian he is to save? We will follow Liam and Annabella through war, romance, trials, complications, and see if love truly conquers all.

This book is a novella of…


EROTICA: BIG ALPHA MALE DOCTOR TOO HUGE FOR THE INNOCENT UNTOUCHED VIRGIN: Alien Invasion Romance, BBW, Paranormal, Scifi (Medical Exam Older Man Tight … Story – Sexy Hard Rough, Deep and Hot)

Edge of your seat romance that sets the stage for a steamy adventure!
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Jessica has had an obsession with her doctor for as long as she can remember and her lust for him has only got stronger as she turned into a woman. Now a curvy nineteen year old, she lives in a strict home with her head in her books. But she’s still a lonely virgin and she wants to save herself for the muscular and highly professional Dr Andersen. But as daring as her advances are. he always politely declines and …


ROMANCE: Interracial Romance: A TANGLED HEART (CLEAN VERSION): Breaking A Billionaire Cowboy (BWWM African American Alpha Male Bad Boy Billionaire Western … Romance. 4 BONUS STORIES INCLUDED!)

Jules is bored…lonely…but not for long
This is a woman that has her head in the clouds.

Leaving everything she loved for Texas was a big step. She couldn’t get over him, but maybe she could find peace and serenity where there were no memories.

Having her ex-boyfriend follow her was not her idea. Having him leave her was even more unexpected.

She knew he was wrong for her….but what of this handsome Cowboy that came to her rescue.

The man is handsome rugged with the hardened eyes that makes her melt on the spot. She sees something is weighing heavily….and it’s not on his mind…it’s more below the waist. He’s been hurt…can she heal him?

A …