PROPHECIES 2016 … 2019 … 2026 . By People space and other disclosures.ENGHLISH-ESPAÑOL: PROFECIAS 2016…2019…2026. De la gente del espacio y otras revelaciones. … ENTREVISTAS AL CONTACTADO ALBERTO ZECUA)

I offer transcription of the most interesting interview in my opinion, by the Mexican contacted Circac Ign . Alberto Zecua , for the space of several decades (40 years)leading contact says that the space people has conveyed him all this information and you should make known as widely as possible , appropriate to clarify that the start contact Ing. Zecua asked people the space that any information you give is the delivered directly by them in person and spoken very clearly, would not accept anything telepathically or automatic writing , has always been that way , personal contact with space people who claim to be responsible for assisting and …

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